About Us

Artists today are constantly reminded that they are destined to live a life of struggle, fated to starve to get by in the competitive art world. This perception further isolates artists from one another, blocking collective empowerment the community has to offer.

The problem for aspiring artists today is that there has not been a platform for creators to come together. While there are varied resources, there hasn’t been a website that creates a space for artists of all mediums to collaborate with each other and improve the needs of the community at large. We are changing that. Movements in reaction to the elitist art world are constantly blossoming out of the cracks of Brooklyn sidewalks, Minneapolis attic shows and DIY Berlin venues. They’re evolving before our very eyes, yet are untouched by those who don’t live near them. Historically artists have thrived because they were together, unified by a common desire to create.

Art has extended itself to boundaries our creative predecessors wouldn’t believe possible, yet we continue to work within these persistent barriers that damage us. As aspiring artists ourselves, we couldn’t ignore this anymore. The SEEN//HEARD is a website by artists, for artists.

Seen // Heard About page

We are consolidating the erratic networks of the undefined art realm by creating a website that cultivates collaboration and thus provides endless inspiration for artists all around the world.

Developing a cohesive artistic community is crucial for many reasons. It means that we’re not alone; we don’t have to fight these battles by ourselves. Within the community, we have others we can turn to for sharing resources and cross-pollination of ideas.

As we expand the artist community, we expand our understanding of the world. Our website has the potential to transcend the geographic barriers that separate artists, allowing for connection and creative drive to establish a more equitable art world.

Finally, an art world to be a part of.

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